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“Love changes everything. It changes your view on the world, your behaviour, your thinking. Above all, that’s the least that can happen to you.”

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"A man usually sets his limits himself and most of the time, they don’t even exist. If you truly want something and you work for it, then you have one wish less in the future."

Santiago De La Vega (excerpt from Pitch of Hope: First Half)

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Pitch of

It's not about winning, but winning the world cup is marvelous. If you think you know sports, football, think again.

The story that will show you the real football.

With the awakening of the sun on a  summer morning in Montevideo, Raúl finds himself late for practice. The captain of the Uruguayan national football team and the main character of the novel leads his teammates to the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Despite being full of enthusiasm, dreams and hope, the young football squad finds itself battling for further participation just shortly after getting off to a decent start. 

As captain and leader, Raúl is situated in the middle when the entire team is sucked into the whirlwind that is being in the media’s spotlight, ghosts from the past, and the burden of national pride.

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I keep passion in the heart of everything I do. It guides me. A book is the only way I can show you the stories happening in my mind. For a writer, imagination is everything. Everyone loves telling stories.

Jaka Delčnjak is not your typical novelist. He’s a teacher of English and German in Ljubljana. Where’s Ljubljana? In Slovenia! Where’s Slovenia? East of Italy! Having difficulties remembering all of that? No worries, just remember the name: Jaka Delčnjak.

All until he enrolled at university, Jaka shied away from books, as football was his one true love. Ironically, Jaka took what he loved most and he turned it into what is now known as Pitch of Hope, a fictional novel based mostly on football (soccer). 

With one book out and another one ready to go, Jaka finds himself looking for an external hard drive for his brain. It’s not just the series Echoes of the Pitch, there are also other novels making their way from his mind and across the keyboard of his computer.

Even though a teacher’s life is tough and time-consuming, Jaka still pushes his boundaries and hopes to manage a career as a self-published author, as well as that of a teacher.

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"I searched and searched, but I don't think there's a book quite like it in the world. It's something else."

Jaka Delčnjak